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What clients are saying...

"I had limited experience with acupuncture before I met Kristina. I was doubtful that acupuncture could resolve symptoms that I had been dealing with and had been seeing various medical professionals for several years. When I spoke with Kristina on the phone the first time, I immediately felt comfortable with her compassionate manner and deep listening skills. Within a few sessions with Kristina, my symptoms began to diminish until they fully disappeared. I now consider Kristina a part of my medical care team. She is a gifted healer whose treatments combine her strong knowledge of acupuncture with an intuitive sense of healing and support. I am grateful that such a skillful healer is here in Richmond!"    

~Susan Kratzer, Midlothian, VA

"Kristina is gifted and magical!  In March of 2012, I went to Kristina for excruciating upper-back and neck pain.  With this being my first step into acupuncture and cupping, I had so many questions - which she happily answered.  Over several sessions my pain was greatly reduced, and then resolved.  I've continued to see Kristina monthly for a variety of concerns, including stress related muscle pain, low energy, digestion and weight loss, acne, nerve sensitivity and most recently; hot flashes and common cold.  In addition to treatment, she is a wealth of information.  I'm so happy to have Kristina in my life and part of my health & wellness. I'll continue to see her for whatever comes my way!"

~ Tonya Applegate (pleased & grateful client since 2012), Richmond, VA

"Having tried many different doctors and therapies to deal with my chronic back pain over the last 32 years, I was reluctant to try one more avenue for relief. Even though Kristina was highly recommended by two friends, I was very skeptical that acupuncture could be of any help. Kristina has changed the quality of my life in a way that I never thought was possible. I have been able to significantly reduce the use of painkillers and feel much more positive about my ability to stay physically active as I age. I consider Kristina a major contributor to my happiness and sense of well-being; and I am very grateful for her expertise and compassion." 

~Jane Hopkins, Henrico, VA

"I am so grateful to have found Kristina. She welcomes me to each session with a warmth and gentleness that puts me completely at ease. Time spent in her care feels like a soothing balm to body, mind and soul. Kristina combines her knowledge and skills as an acupuncturist with a heart-centered empathy and a nurturing spirit. Her work deeply supports my journey into profound healing and wholeness." 

~Wendy Morgan, Midlothian, VA

"Kristina Aschenbach at Essential Acupuncture is amazing. I have had pain in my piriformis for 2+ years, with limited mobility and trouble sitting for a long time frame. I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc. and finally felt relief after just 2 sessions at Essential Acupuncture! I am wondering why it took me so long to go! 

~Mary Gentry Roberts, Henrico, VA

"I started going to Kristina at Essential Acupuncture to help with some jaw pain upon a recommendation from a friend.  Though I was very hesitant to try acupuncture, I was immediately put at ease with Kristina's demeanor and kindness as we had our initial consultation and treatment.  I have since come to her on a regular basis, and it is the highlight of my week whenever I can have a session.  As a busy mom of twins toddlers, I have come to use acupuncture to help with sinus pressure and allergies, back pain, and even simply for relaxation.  I firmly believe that, though acupuncture is very effective for treating acute issues, maintenance is the key to a healthy body and mind.  I love that I can use acupuncture as a way to support my overall wellness!"

~ Dory Doyal, Henrico, VA

"Several years ago, my back was in ropes and knots.  I carry all my stress from work there.  I spent a few hundred dollars trying massage.  It worked but only as long as the sessions lasted.  I had my husband dig his elbows in.  I tried rolling on golf balls. All to no avail.  It was so bad it was effecting all aspects of my life.  I finally tried acupuncture.  Wow!! As soon as it started I could feel a difference.  It was like vibrations leaving my body.  The stress was leaving. I can't even begin to thank Kristina enough.  I continue to go about once a month.  I would recommend it to anyone!!!" 

~Ashley Taylor McLeod, Bon Air, VA

"I have been seeing Kristina for a little over a year for pain related to an old fracture. I am pleased that the acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced my chronic pain.  Kristina has a holistic approach to care with a genuine interest in my wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Kristina’s acupuncture practice." 

~Janet Goin, Richmond, VA

"I have been seeing Kristina for a couple of years to help with dealing with stress, as well as general health and wellness.  Her acupuncture services have been beneficial to me in so many ways and I look forward to each session. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would absolutely recommend acupuncture (and Kristina specifically!) to anyone thinking about trying it."

Megan M., Richmond, VA

"Kristina treated me several years ago for balance issues related to a head injury. Before treatment, I was somewhat skeptical about the value of acupuncture. But after dealing with my health problems for almost a year and getting no help from traditional medicine, I was willing to give acupuncture a shot.  I was so glad I did. Within a few days of treatment, persistent symtoms literally disappeared. I started feeling more normal. I went back for another treatment within a month to make sure I continued to feel well. Since then, I have been back to see Kristina for other health issues and have been happy with the results every time.
I like to think of it as a treatment that addresses the issues on a deeper level. Rather than just masking a symptom, acupuncture helps clear out the underling problem. I still go to my traditional doctor when needed, but I’m very thankful to have found acupuncture for the times when it is truly the best answer." 

~Tracey D., Charlottesville, VA

"Kristina's acupuncture has helped me specifically with my seasonal allergies, occasional back pains, knee bursitis and has helped me generally to stay well by boosting my immune system and keeping me on a more even keel/grounded.  Her knowledge and caring ways add to my healing."

~Barbara Outland, Henrico, VA


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