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Lifestyle Choices for Enhanced Fertility

There are several lifestyle adjustments that you can begin making today that will significantly influence your reproductive health.  The following are just a few to get you started.

Lifestyle Choice for Enhanced Fertility - Essential Acupuncture in Libbie and Grove, West End, Richmond, VirginiaNourishment. Just as proper nutrition influences you in very observable ways such as; stable weight, balanced mood, better energy, good sleep, easy digestion and elimination.  It also significantly impacts your cellular health which may not seem quite as obvious to you.  Developing follicles and sperm both need proper nourishment in order to grow and flourish.  Proper nutrition helps to provide a favorable ovarian environment for the follicles during the maturation process as well as significantly improves the health and wellness of the mother and father to be.

Be sure to:

Eat a balanced diet of whole foods including plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic if possible).  Avoid meat, fish or poultry that has been farmed using growth hormones.  Avoid processed food - read the ingredients and if you do not know what an ingredient is, don't eat it. Take a good quality prenatal vitamin daily, limit alcohol and caffeine intake, both of which can negatively affect fertility. Stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes delays conception and causes early menopause. Marijuana can interfere with ovulation and is toxic to a tiny developing egg. If you need assistance, acupuncture can help with your withdrawal symptoms.

Maintain healthy weight. You should aim for a BMI (body mass index) of 20-25. This range is associated with higher pregnancy and lower miscarriage rates than those above or below this range.

  • If you are overweight, exercise and a good diet in combination with acupuncture and herbs can help to control your appetite and improve your metabolism.
  • If you are underweight, increase your intake of calorie dense protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates.

Movement in moderation. Find something you enjoy doing.  Walking, skipping, jumping, running, swimming, hiking, dancing, yoga, qi gong, tai chi...just move, you get Kristina Aschenbach offers Acupuncture for pain, menopause and women's health in Libbie and Grove, West End, Richmond, Virginiathe idea.  If you are currently not moving at all, it is time to find something you enjoy and do it.  If you and your partner can find it together, bonus!  If you are currently moving, make sure it is at a moderate level.  Over-exercise has the potential to cause anovulation.  Movement, especially when you love what it is, will increase your energy, enhance your mood and help you sleep.

Get your zzzzzz's. Good sleep is essential to maintain a healthy balance of hormones and overall optimal wellness.

Have fun and breathe. Increased stress is associated with a reduction in follicles produced in an ovulatory cycle and has the potential to cause delayed ovulation. Yoga, qi gong, meditation, laughter, having fun with friends, starting a hobby you have always wanted to do, having an adventure with your significant other are all good ways to reduce stress.  Acupuncture is also effective in helping to reduce stress, relieving anxiety and consequently regulating ovulation.

Conciously building your family when it does not come easily can be very stressful.  Remember to listen to your heart and be gentle with yourself.

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