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quotes from clients

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"(the baby) was born Wednesday of last week and we just got home and are settling in.  She is perfect.  Thank you so much for all that you did to help!"  S.R.

"Thanks for yesterday!  8 hours of sleep last night!  You are the best!!" A.D.

“Your needles work wonders.  On Saturday I was much better and today 90% normal energy, very little dizziness. Thank You.” A.K.

"I'm convincing more people here that acupuncture is awesome!  In fact, just gave your contact info out.  Thank you SO much!!  You are AWESOME!!!!"

"I want to thank you for all the work you did with the needling and cupping as it did help with the stiffness and tightness in my back."   "I'll definitely keep your info and recommend you to others!"  N.P

"I'm so excited that this has worked!"  "Thanks again for everything!  So happy to see progress!"  E.B.

Kristina Aschenbach, L.Ac.
5318 Patterson Avenue, Suite E
Richmond, Viginia 23226