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Sports Injury and Athletic Performance

Acupuncture has long been utilized by Chinese Olympians to naturally enhance strength and endurance, as well as expedite the healing of injuries. The use of acupuncture along with a nutritious diet and sufficient rest can help you function at your optimum level so you can attain your fitness goals.

 For the athlete, acupuncture can:Acupuncture for Athletes - Essential Acupuncture in Libbie and Grove, West End, Richmond, Virginia

  • Enhance strength and endurance
  • Aid in injury prevention 
  • Reduce pain and inflammation 
  • Improve circulation and range of motion 
  • Shorten injury recovery time

It is no secret that all athletes, especially those in “advanced athletic age”, will suffer an injury or mysterious pain related to athletic performance at some point in their athletic career.  As stated above, acupuncture is very effective at reducing healing time as well as relieving pain so you can get back out there and do what you love.

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